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Mobile Application

AIT is one of the leading mobile application development companies in the country. We provide convenient and effective quality programming solutions in the mobile platform.

AIT provides mobile application development and porting services for android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry and Iphone which include the following:

Mobile Software Solution

Our work cycle features system analysis and architecture, development, installation, on-device testing, hosting and maintenance of the mobile applications. Our mobile software solutions are as follow:

iPhone application Development

AIT provides best technological alternatives based on a complete and integrated process for developing, testing, debugging, and promotion of the highly popular iPhone applications.

BlackBerry application Development

With the level of expertise grown with sophisticated development tools, AIT ensures creation of world-class applications and design of optimized web services, applications, games, wireless solutions, wireless entertainment and Internet-based for BlackBerry Smartphones.

Android application Development

In order to cater to various industries, AIT develops advanced mobile applications such as location-based tools, travel guides, games, and utility applications using Android.

Solution for Enterprise Mobility

With the view to changing the way the employers do their business with partners and consumers, we provide enterprise mobile applications for greater enterprise mobility.