American IT Resource Group, Inc.

Job Description:

Develop asynchronous Restful microservices using SpringBoot. ➢ Analyze, develop and integrate serverless web applications to implement any changes to the microservices. ➢ Accelerate the process of building a framework for client onboarding and integrating with the existing microservices. ➢ Develop Restful endpoints to cache specific application data in memory data clusters and expose those endpoints using Redis Cache. ➢ Publishing and subscribing messages from Spring Boot applications using Apache kafka messaging services. ➢ Implement the best security practices for the restful microservices using spring security. ➢ Implement batch processing using SpringBatch to pull records from databases. ➢ Document Apis on confluent and implement Swagger UI specifics for Restful microservices. ➢ Implement all components using Test driven development methodology using Junit and mockito. ➢ Collaborate effectively with cross functional teams to create software solutions that significantly improve overall functionality and performance on the client side. ➢ Involve in agile scrum practices like daily scrum meetings, sprint planning, retrospective, and backlog refinement and so on. ➢ Manage relationships with key technology, business partners and product owners and other stakeholders. ➢ Develop single page web user interface front end facing applications using Angular, ES 6, CSS, Bootstrap. ➢ Writing and tuning SQL(MySQL, Oracle DB) and NoSQL(Cassandra, H2, MongoDB) database queries. ➢ Build API, Common reusable component and automation framework for Client’s intranet access to physical services running in sandbox or test environment. ➢ Proficient with kubernetes and production deployments.


Java 8, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Apache kafka, microservices, MongoDB, Hystrix, Junit, Cucumber, Swagger API documentation.


3 to 5 years of experience